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What is Climate FieldView? – Interview with Katie Staton

What is Climate FieldView? – Interview with Katie Staton

• How would you explain Climate FieldView to a farmer who has never used this system before?
o Climate FieldView is an easy to use platform that collects all your data including, planting information, in-season health and harvest reports in one place to help you make critical decisions about your operation

• What kind of impact does Climate have on a farm? 
o Climate gathers all your information in an intuitive report that evaluates how your farm is performing

• Is Climate available on mobile devices?
o The Climate app is available through many mobile devices

• Is Climate easy to use? 
o There are no hardships for the farmer while using this program once compatibility is configured and if needed, Climate has a support team available anytime of the day to provide assistance

• How is Climate different from other similar programs? 
o Climate offers an array of analysis tools that help each individual farm perform its best as its own entity