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Archive for January, 2021
The Workhorse Nutrient – Phosphorus

It’s known as the workhorse of nutrients for corn and soybeans.  It is responsible for cell division, root growth, photosynthesis and energy production.  Phosphorus is essential for not only vigorous growth but also the development of reproductive parts and seed formation.  Adequate phosphorus in plants also enhances crop maturity, particularly in grain crops like, corn[…]

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Everything to know about soybean nodulation

Did you know that soybeans have a higher requirement for nitrogen than corn does per bushel??? Soybeans require five pounds of nitrogen per one bushel of yield.  An 80 bu/ac soybean crop requires 400 lbs of nitrogen per acre, 50 to 80% of that nitrogen comes from the nitrogen produced by the nodules that colonize[…]

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