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Monmouth Training, Hands on and Impactful

Monmouth Training, Hands on and Impactful

The B&A team recently packed up and headed to Illinois for training at the Monmouth training facility. The Monmouth training facility is equipped with many experts who provide high level training for others by using plots, labs and classroom training for corn and soybean production to help increase yields on every farm. 

Employees who attended the day of  training studied crop development stages, participated in hands on, in the field scenarios and learned how to use this knowledge to make important recommendations for crop health.

“It’s one thing to read books, articles, and other sources of information to help you learn an agronomic topic, but it’s another to be able to see plants, disease, and damage right in front of you and be able to put in some hands on learning.” Said Katie, an EdgeUp Advisor.

The Monmouth training facility allowed the B&A team to learn more about the different development stages of crops, including corn and soybeans, while working with plants in the field. These stages are essential to know in order to understand and make important decisions and recommendations regarding fungicide, chemical and fertilizer to increase overall yields.

“The training allowed me to become more knowledgeable in agronomy so I can better serve farmers in my area.” Shailin, a B & A intern said.

While books and photos are a great resource, in field demonstrations and scenarios are even more useful to staff members. These demonstrations helped employees learn more about infield scouting to identify potential problems in the fields.

“The hands on experience you gain from working with real problems in the fields is an experience you cannot gain anywhere else.” Said Jesse, a B & A intern.

The B & A team is very thankful for the opportunity to learn from the Monmouth training facility and is excited to use the knowledge gained to better the company and be more adaptable to customers.