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Protecting Your Investment – How B&A Genetics® New Small Batch Treater Benefits Growers

Protecting Your Investment – How B&A Genetics® New Small Batch Treater Benefits Growers

This year B&A Genetics purchased a small batch seed treater to test new seed treatments and rates to bring to our customers. This will allow us to test many new biologicals, seed applied nutritional, seed applied insecticides, and new fungicide chemistry and rates going forward in replicated corn and soybean testing.

Many of our current growers are finding value in our proprietary Protect ‘N Grow® Elite seed treatment for corn and soybeans. Protect ‘N Grow allows farmers to plant early and provides protection against many early season pests (insect feeding, pathogens and nematodes). It also offers two-seed applied biologicals that enhance the growth of beneficial fungi and bacteria that increase root growth and make phosphorus more available for plant uptake.

Two week nodule comparison of BA 3.6 Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans with Protect ‘N Grow standard and Elite.

The small batch treater will also enable us to partner with various companies to test new treatments and bring the best possible combinations to our customers with the highest return on investment (ROI). There have been great advancements made in seed-applied nutritionals that supply critical nutrients early in the growth and development of both corn and soybeans. There are also many new biologicals coming to the market with various properties that improve and enhance growth of both corn and soybeans. We are looking forward to working with various companies and testing new seed treatment products to increase yields on corn and soybeans.

Our new small batch seed treater is part of Performance UpFront, our commitment to bring products and new technology to the market faster, while offering elite seed with proven performance — at the local level. To learn more about Protect ‘N Grow, or to talk with an EdgeUp® Advisor, call us at (833) BA YIELD, or visit BAgenetics.us.

B&A Genetics team with new small batch seed treater