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Protecting Your Investment – Advantage of Planting B&A Genetics® Protect ‘N Grow™-Treated Seed

Protecting Your Investment – Advantage of Planting B&A Genetics® Protect ‘N Grow™-Treated Seed


This year, a majority of corn and soybean planting has taken place during May. Along with rising soil temperatures comes rising weed and insect growth. This is why treating your seed to protect your investment is so important. Our exclusive Protect ‘N Grow seed treatment options for corn and soybeans offer layers of protection against disease and insects for longer-lasting control.


Protection No Matter How Early or Late You Plant

Did you know seed treatments provide protection all spring, whether planting early or later in the season? Your crop is more likely to come out of the ground in just a few days when you plant later in the spring when soil temperatures are warmer. Similarly, planting earlier results in slower emergence and a higher chance of plant disease. However, you may not know that by planting later in the spring, when it has been warmer and wetter, you carry some of the same risk as planting early. Using a seed treatment will give you added protection and greater peace of mind no matter how early or late you plant.


Protection Against Insects and Disease

With delayed planting, insects have an opportunity to become established, be larger than normal, and cause more damage as the corn and soybean emerge. Protect ‘N Grow Elite delivers protection from nematodes that can be entry points for disease such as: Phytophthora, Pythium, and Rhizoctonia. This advanced treatment also protects against insects like seed corn maggot, wireworm, early season aphids, and black cutworm.


Increased Nutrient Availability and Uptake

All B&A Genetics seed treated with Protect ‘N Grow comes with several biologicals that allow the plant to increase its phosphorus uptake and its stress tolerance for potential tough conditions later in the season. The technology in our Protect ‘N Grow treatment delivers longer-lasting control to increase yields—ultimately maximizing your return on investment.


One of the best things you can do is to protect your investment from day one with our exclusive Protect ‘N Grow seed treatment. By adding protection against disease and insects, you’ll see stronger stands and healthier plants all season long.