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Crop Update with Justin Geis- EdgeUp Advisor

Crop Update with Justin Geis- EdgeUp Advisor

• What is the stage of the corn right now in your region?
o Corn in the stage of R3-R-5 right now.

• What is the stage of the soybeans in your region right now?
o Soybean stages from R3-R5. Double crops are in about the V1-V3 stage right now.

• What will we see within the next month with our corn in your region?
o Disease pressure on corn has been pretty consistent throughout this growing season. Therefore, fungicide is sprayed to help “PREVENT” (not stop) the disease from rising onto the plant. We want the disease pressure to remain below the ear leaf as much as possible, so we can maximize photosynthesis. If disease gets above the ear leaf, then that could cause significant yield loss when harvesting comes around.
Some of the disease that has been seen in my area this year has been gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, and Holcus leaf spot, we will start to see some stalk rot happening here within the next month or two as the corn plants start to mature. As ears develop and as we get closer to harvest we could start to see diplopia happening which favors wet weather during silking and gain filling this is normally seen on tighter husked genetic corn or on erect ears of corn.

19-12 VT2P, starting to dent.
19-13 SSTX, starting to dent.
19-15, only denting on a few kernels.

• What will be seeing in our soybeans in the near future in you region?
o As we are seeing now in some beans throughout their growing stages:
 R3- Frogeye, root-knot nematode
 R4- bean leaf beetle – sudden death syndrome
 R5- Fusarium, Japanese beetle
 R6- Brown stem rot, green stink beetle
 As we are going into farther maturity and harvest we will start to see some Cyst nematode and green stem syndrome. Beans are roughly a couple months away from harvest and corn is roughly a month to two months away from harvest for some.

3.6 Xtend Beans

I do think from the talk of the town that we will be seeing an early harvest this year due to the weather this season. Some farmers have even said that as long as they have been farming this is the best crop they will have ever raised. However, they really do not know yet, what they think and what the yield monitor may tell them could be two totally different observations.

B&A Genetics is here for to help farmers estimate their yield when it gets close to time. It is our job to keep all of our farmers up to date on what is going on in their fields. We are proud about our full-service, such as offering our climate field view, and to help in any way we can! We work for them!