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Building Our Business by Building Trust
April 5, 2017

Building Our Business by Building Trust

At B&A Genetics, we are committed to growing a company that is easy to work with and quick to respond to customer needs and concerns – and it’s our goal to build customer relationships that go far beyond seed.

Because we have more than 15 years of experience in the seed industry, we’ve walked the fields with a lot of growers in the region. They know how we work and what we offer. Here’s what a few of them had to say.

“Matt and Gregg each have been working with successful seed companies for some time now. They have been around seed genetics and learned about seed traits. They can apply what has been working for these companies and avoid the risks they have seen,” said Clay County Indiana farmer, Mike Cooprider. “They were both raised on family farms. They have seen crop success and crop failure. They know what it feels like for a farmer to plant seeds and then watch that plant fail because of floods and droughts. They are farmers, too, like me.”

“Matt is a very trustworthy individual with the ability to provide customers with what their operations need to prosper,” said Rob Chesser, owner of Park Valley Farms near Gosport, Indiana. “We are really excited about the potential this holds for them and for our operation.”

“I’ve known Gregg for about 10 years,” said Ohio farmer, Richard Kinney. “His honesty sets him apart. We trust him. When he tells us what we should do, we do it.”

“It’s nice to have a seed dealer that really knows our soils and helps us determine what’s best for our fields,” said Mat Pahmier, a farmer from Sandborn, Indiana. “Matt has walked the fields with me – even rode in the combine with me. He touches base a couple of times a month during the growing season, and that’s pretty valuable to me.”

Mat’s history with growing B&A Genetics’ seed began in 2016. His trust in the business and the science behind it, led Mat to join the B&A team as an EdgeUp High Yield Dealer. He continues to farm and works with area growers to improve their own operations.

For more information about Matt, Gregg and B&A Genetics, please visit our website – BAgenetics.us.