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With a crazy planting season, that sent us into a very late plant, we knew this harvest was going to be different compared to other years. Here is our in-field report from our B&A Genetics® team:

B&A Genetics Director of Agronomy, Mark Beamer:

Ohio and Indiana area

“So far late planting, has only affected the timing of harvest by moving it later than normal, overall yields for corn and soybeans in most areas are coming better than we expected. Some areas were affected by dry weather and lack of grain during fill for both, corn and soybeans.”


“Soybean maturity is moving right along with early and mid-maturity, and few late maturities ready for harvest. A lot of farmers have 30-50% or more of their soybeans off with yields coming in better than expected. The overall quality is good to excellent.”


“Corn is moving to Black layer, with moisture ranging from 16-30%. A lot of the corn planted in early to mid-June is black layered and is drying down between ½ – 1% moisture per day.”

“The wet field planting conditions is affecting stalk quality and root integrity from compaction in some areas, so growers need to monitor field and schedule fields early harvest.”

“Silage is off and yields were very good with high tonnage and very good quality. Dairy farmers are now moving into in high moisture corn and corn earlage, looking at a possible second cutting on sudangrass if we don’t see an early frost. Estimate 10% of the corn is off and yields were better than expected range, from 160 – 240 bu/ac with moisture anywhere from 20–30%. Quality was good to little, to no ear molds.”

BA Products excelling this year:

19-05 SSTX, 18-08 VT2P, 18-10 lineup, 19-12 vt2p,

From the grower:

“Farmers are seeing excellent performance with our Protect ‘N Grow® system for both corn and soybeans out yielding competitors’ products. Farmers are also seeing the advantage of working with a company who products for their region and not products that need to cover 5 states. Farmers are seeing a big advantage working within our EdgeUp System and the customer service we provide our customers.”

EdgeUp Advisor, Lane Steinke:

Northwest Indiana

“With harvest well underway for many farmers in northwest Indiana the fall is going quite well for the growers given the spring time conditions we dealt with at planting. As I have been able to get out into the fields this fall, they tell a story of what they have gone through this growing season.”

“Growers we have worked with and the ones in our EdgeUp® System, that followed the cropping plans we made with them have certainly seen better results, as they did the simple steps such as waiting until the growing was fit as possible for this year.”

“A common question I have received while out talking with growers this fall is “what are your stand out hybrids this year?” To answer this question, all of them. Doing a field by field variety placement as well as making a cropping plan with the grower is just one of the steps we take here at B&A Genetics to help maximize all your hybrids performance and take the growers yields to an entirely new level.”

EdgeUp Advisor, Katie Staton

Northeast, IN

“With late planting, the thought of harvest loomed over everyone. As more fields are opened up and harvested, yields are showing to be better than expected and the genetics of B&A Genetics has really been able to shine through with the Protect ‘N Grow seed treatment to aid it along the way.

“Beans are getting close to if not completely done. Corn is just getting started in the southern part of Northeast Indiana.”

“Our 1808 is having a phenomenal year and is proving itself from the data sets. 8484 and 1810 worked hard all year in their tougher environments as being later hybrids to mature on time and reach their yield potentials given the conditions.”

Farmer Testimonials

“I was extremely please with the 3.1 beans. They took charge on my farm and out yielded all other varieties. I am really impressed with the seed treatment and believe that was the defining factor of our beans.”

“Your corn this year will be best and the worst. But that’s okay, because that’s why you gave me a portfolio to look at. Even though the worst is over 200 average, which I am not mad about, it is consistent over every acre that it is on.”

“I am excited I got to try the elite vs standard seed treatment on my beans. Especially with the conditions that we had for our beans, they can take a lot, but the seed treatment really helped them push through those adverse conditions. Protect ‘N Grow Elite is all that I will on my seed next year.”


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