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HARVEST UPDATE – 10/12/2018

HARVEST UPDATE – 10/12/2018

Harvest Update for B&A Genetics October 12,2018.

NW Allen County:

“18-10 did pretty fantastic for being in a wetter spot this year. Was very pleased with how corn looked in the wet areas and absolutely please with how it played out in the good areas of the field!”

SE Allen County: “

“19-10 and 18-11 stood the best in my fields. Compared to everything else I have, I like to see that it is still intact at harvest! And the yield is there too at the top of my hybrid list!”

NE Wells County:

“I am just tickled to death and absolutely please with the performance and yield of 18-11 and 8484 SmartStax. I put it up in a side by side trial against other competitors on my acres and I am happy to say that the test weight, yield, and moisture won every time. The service and family like aspect that BA Genetics brings to my farm is incomparable to other seed brands. I can’t wait to see what next year has in store.”

Decatur County:

We are seeing record yields across the area, and they are only continuing to climb! Farmers in this area that did have some very harsh winds right before harvest are now picking up, they are seeing a little yield loss, but after that they are pleased with what they are seeing!!


Lots of hours spent in the fields dedicated to what these farmers love, and they all say they wouldn’t have it any other way!!