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Frogeye Leaf Spot

Frogeye Leaf Spot

Growers and EdgeUp Advisor’s are seeing high levels of Frogeye leaf spot disease in soybeans located in southern Indiana. If you have any further questions, please contact your EdgeUp Advisor today!

What is it?
Frogeye leaf spot is a disease that can infect leaves, stems and pods of soybeans. This disease could be due to warm humid weather. It has been found that young leaves are more susceptible that older leaves. Frogeye leaf spot can impact the foliage, reducing photosynthetic areas on infected leaves. The quality of seed can be decreased due to the pathogen infecting pods and seeds.

What to look for?
• Lesions
o Start at ¼ inch- circular to irregular shaped spots
o On stem are not as frequent, usually red and darkening with age
o On pods are also less frequent circular to oblong, reddish brown.
• Spot centers
o Lighter brown to gray with reddish brown margins
• Spots might coalesce to form larger, irregular shaped spots
• If spots cover 30% of leaf, the leaf could wither and drop

How can I prevent it?

• Reducing the amount of inoculum available
• Buying infected residue can help reduce inoculum in the field
• Rotating away from soybeans
• Use of resistant soybean products
• Fungicide application at R3 growth will help susceptible soybeans

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